This is Fastest Way to Find, Attract and Sign Up Mortgage Customers - PERIOD!

These Are Mortgage Customer Appointments Booked Into Your Calendar NOT Just Leads

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The shop front of the highly effective and successful mortgage professional is no longer the brick building with the glass partitioned offices.

The shop front of the highly successful mortgage professional is their on line presence. Period.

The mortgage customer of today is on line right now looking for you. 

Today's Mortgage Customer has that one big desire that they want to attain as soon as possible, but there are three or four obstacles in their way that they are looking for help from someone like you to overcome.

As a mortgage professional, your sales message has to stand in front of the eyeballs of this customer acknowledging what it is they want to achieve and telling them how you can help them get there.

This is how to do you do that… 

The Online Mortgage Sales Presentation That Sells Mortgages For You.

Let’s face it, it’s all about what you say and how you say it, that gets you new mortgages in the door.

This program has been designed to guide you and give you all the templates and know how on how to sell the value you bring to a mortgage customer’s life.

It shows you how to motivate that mortgage customer to take action right now to seek you out.

The bottom line is - it’s not about sales - it’s about psychology and how the mortgage customer thinks.

And, if you have ever thought about how you can sell more mortgages by leveraging social media and technology, then this program is for you.

This program will have you as a STAND OUT in the cluttered mortgage marketplace.

Here’s What You Will Learn…

MODULE ONE: The Art of Influence & Persuasion of the Mortgage Customer 

You will come to learn about the foundation blocks of mortgage sales, persuasion and influence which are unbreakable rules that you absolutely must know in order to effectively sell a mortgage and your service. Knowing these rules allows you to be sounded out by all those in your marketplace looking to take out a new mortgage. These principles can be applied to any of your sales pitches, emails, and Facebook posts. Or indeed, an automated webinar.

MODULE TWO: What makes you different? That’s the number one question, a mortgage customer wants answered. 

In this lesson, I will teach you how to identify and articulate your Unique Selling Proposition, that you will use to target your ideal mortgage customer. Think in terms of being a Specialist rather than being a Generalist.

Specialists simply earn more money.

MODULE THREE: How to create a Hard-to-Say-No-To Sales Presentation. 

There’s nothing worse than keeping on having to follow up multiple times, just to get that simple YES. By understanding what the fundamental fears, insatiable desires and longed for needs are, of mortgage customers, and then knowing how to apply your Unique Selling Proposition to resolve the emotions felt by the mortgage customer, will place you in a position of having a sales presentation that is near on impossible to say no to.

You will learn how to create a knock out mortgage sales presentation that reaches and grabs the attention of your targeted mortgage customer who is on line right now looking for a solution. 

MODULE FOUR: Create an Automated Mortgage Sales Webinar capable of creating up to 20 appointments per week. 

Once you have created the most high converting and advanced mortgage sales presentation you have ever used, the next logical step is to turn it into a webinar and get it online. In this lesson, by simply following along on my screen, you will learn how to create, edit and post your webinar online, step by step! And if you want to automate your presentation, you’ll also learn how to do that. You don’t need any advanced computer skills as you simply follow along on my screen.

MODULE FIVE: How to Create a Compelling and Converting Video Sales Letter for Home Purchasers and Refinance Deals.

This simple to create method of narrating and recording your voice over slides is one of the most powerful online sales tools that you can use. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a Video Sales Letter that is accessible on demand 24/7 to that mortgage customer who wants to engage with you now. Video Sales Letters are ideal for 10 to 15 minute presentations, including thank you pages and simple explanations.

MODULE SIX: How to secure One Mortgage Application every day with a stand out Facebook Advertising Campaign. 

This is a comprehensive lesson complete with five high converting Facebook Ad samples for you to model your campaigns around. You will learn how to write a Facebook Ad that can literally jump out of the newsfeed and grab the immediate attention of a mortgage customer. In addition, you will learn how you can program the Ad, link it to additional platforms for email drip-feed correspondence, calendar bookings and automation, such that it will become a serious lead generating machine on Facebook.

MODULE SEVEN: How to make 3 extra sales per week from Prospects who say “no thanks”  

Just because somebody doesn’t end up applying for a new mortgage through you, doesn’t mean they won’t buy or seek some other outcome through you, be that insurance or other forms of consumer loans or business loans or the like. In this lesson, you will learn how to email and retarget to these people via cross selling and through continued marketing.

BONUS ONE: Access My Closed Facebook Group ($597 Value)

By joining the 6 Figure Automated Mortgage Sales Presentation program you will get access to my Closed Facebook community allowing you to be a part of the ongoing weekly training sessions Run By Me and designed specifically to help you to improve the engagement of your webinar or VSL. You will also be offered daily support to answer any of your questions or resolve any of your challenges when it comes to creating the most powerful sales tool a Mortgage Professional can have.

With this resourse on your side you will be supported all the way through until you have a converting sales presentation running in your business.

BONUS TWO: 30 Day Drip Feed Email Template Suite ($1200 Value)

Just because someone doesn't take up your first offer, doesn't mean you miss out. Creating an automated email follow up sequence, can help you not only to cross sell other financial products or services, it will help you re sell the value of booking an appointment by developing trust and confidence. Using an automated nurturing series of emails can 2x or 3x your appointment results.

No more scratching your head and trying to be creative - all the templates are provided for you to model and call your own.

BONUS THREE: How to build a closed Facebook group with 300+ mortgage centric members ($495 Value)

One of the easiest ways of sending traffic to your automated sales presentation for FREE is to create a closed Facebook group of positively influenced members. In this bonus you will learn how to create a closed group, and invite clients and all the people who attend your presentation to join and then they can invite their friends and colleagues. 

Once you get your numbers up in the group - it s here that you will make your first sales which will pay for your purchase in no time at all.

Are You Ready To Turn Your Mortgage Business Into Your Greatest Success? 

If you are ready to get off the commission roller coaster ride and fill your calendar with ready to go mortgage customers, then here is how you can sign up for the program today…

Sign Up Now $2997

The Six Figure Automated Mortgage Sales Presentation Masterclass is a 7 week work at your own pace program. Your first lesson will be ready for you to work on immediately after signing up to the program and a new lesson will be available every seven days thereafter.

You will also be granted instant access to my Six Figure Automated Mortgage Sales Presentation Closed Facebook Group which is solely focused on helping you to create a fully automated sales presentation that will sell mortgages for you.

Through the process and beyond of you creating your automated mortgage sales presentation, I am available along with members of my team through the Closed Facebook Group to answer all of your specific questions and provide you guidance as you craft your automated mortgage sales presentation.

And your only job in this process is to watch the videos and follow along with me step by step as you write and create your own automated mortgage sales presentation. By two months, your fully functional mortgage sales presentation will be ready to go out and find new mortgage customers for you automatically and make you and your business much more money! 

21 Day 100% Money Back Guarentee

If you can demonstrate that you have completed the videos and tasks in the first two Modules and for whatsoever reason you decide this is not for you then just contact my support team at support@ and request a prompt 100% moneyback refund.